Can’t Sleep? Try CBD Tinctures.

Can’t Sleep? Try CBD Tinctures. | EDO CBD

Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Up to 70 million Americans struggle with a sleep disorder of some kind[1] – and 1 in 3 adults get less than the recommended 7-8 hours each night[2].

Lack of sleep is a major health issue, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year from car accidents and medical errors. Inadequate sleep increases your risk of serious health issues, including heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes[3]. And sleep deprivation is a known trigger of migraines, chronic pain, and even mental health problems[4].

How To Use CBD For SleepAs you can see, there’s plenty of good reasons to prioritize getting enough sleep. But while improving your sleep hygiene practices can help, many people need something extra to fall (or stay) asleep.

While there’s lots of sleeping pills on the market today, but they don’t necessarily work – and even if they do, they often cause unpleasant side effects, like sleepiness when you want to feel alert. That’s why so many people are turning to CBD tinctures for sleep problems – the hemp-extracted compound is not only effective for helping you doze off, but also for waking with a clear head in the morning.

How Does CBD Work?

Understanding CBD’s role in sleep starts with the endocannabinoid system, which refers to the series of neurotransmitters found throughout the body that interact with CBD and other cannabinoids (including ones we produce ourselves).

The endocannabinoid system regulates a number of different bodily processes, including digestion, mood, pain, and – you guessed it – sleep. While scientists are still working on understanding the endocannabinoid system, some have theorized that a deficiency in cannabinoids may contribute to certain health problems.

Many studies have found evidence that CBD may be able to help people fall asleep faster, sleep longer, wake up less frequently, improve quality of sleep, and reduce nightmares associated with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)[5]. And those who struggle with sleep problems as a result of pain or anxiety may also find CBD beneficial; research suggests that CBD can relieve pain and has anti-anxiety properties.

How Do I Use CBD Tinctures for Sleep?

There are plenty of CBD products on the market today, including capsules, vaping juice, topicals, edibles, and oils. Tinctures are popular for many reasons; they’re portable, easy to take, and work quickly. They also have high bioavailability; the body uses more CBD when it’s taken sublingually (under the tongue) as compared to edibles or capsules.

With a tincture, all you need to do is put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, hold it there for up to a minute, and then swallow. Alternately, you can add CBD oil tinctures to food or drink, but we recommend the sublingual method.

How Much CBD Do I Need?

Since CBD research is still in its early stages, there are no guidelines for effective dosages yet – which means finding the right dose is largely a matter of trial-and-error.

The general recommendation is to start with a very low dose, such as 2.5mg, and gradually increase to find the amount that works for you. But when it comes to sleep problems, CBD is more effective at higher doses. In fact, if you don’t take a high enough dose, it’s likely you’ll find CBD to be stimulating, rather than sedating. Luckily, tinctures are quite concentrated, making them an accessible way to take high doses of CBD.

The exception is when you’re taking CBD for pain or anxiety, in which case you may find a lower amount of CBD works best. If that applies to you, stick to a morning and afternoon dose. It can still improve your sleep by reducing your anxiety or pain, but if you take a small dose of CBD right before bed, it can keep you awake.

In addition, the way you take CBD impacts your effective dose. With a tincture (taken sublingually), you’ll need a lower dose than with an edible or capsule, since a tincture will bypass the digestive system.

With that said, CBD affects everyone differently. Many people find CBD tinctures effective for inducing and improving sleep at doses as low as 15mg. Our 1000mg tincture provides 16.6mg of CBD per ½ dropper dose. We recommend starting there, unless you’re sensitive to medication, in which case you may want to start at a 10mg tincture dose, such as our 600mg tincture.

If you need something stronger, try our 1800mg tincture which provides 30mg CBD per dose, or our most potent 4000mg tincture which offers 60mg per dose.

Not All CBD Tinctures Are Created Equal

Many unscrupulous companies are selling products that don’t actually have the listed amount of CBD, and some are even selling CBD tinctures containing toxic chemicals. That’s why it’s crucial to buy CBD from a trusted vendor like Every Day Optimal. All of our CBD products are made from high-quality hemp and are certified with third party testing, so you can rest assured you’re buying a quality product.

At Every Day Optimal, we provide a variety of different tincture concentrations. We also offer Sleep Aid capsules containing 25mg CBD each, along with 7 other sleep-promoting ingredients. To view our full range of products, click here.




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