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CBD and Alcohol: Can You Mix?

CBD and Alcohol: Can You Mix? | EDO CBD

Nowadays, people are infusing CBD into practically everything. From lotions to gummy bears to beverages, you can find doses of CBD in so many everyday products, all with the hopes of delivering the cannabinoid’s therapeutic value. This new wave of CBD popularity has started having people wondering about the relationship between CBD and alcohol, and if there even is one.

To help answer any questions you may have, we’re taking an in-depth look into mixing CBD and alcohol, the effects, and why people choose to do it. First, let’s take a quick peek into CBD beverages as a whole and where the industry stands in terms of adding some CBD oil to their drinks.

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The Rise of CBD Beverages

In general, recently, we’ve seen the rise of CBD beverages within the cannabis community. Many brands have begun perfecting the concoction of mixing CBD within drinks like sodas, juices, and even water. The process of mixing a substance like CBD into a drink is a bit tricky if you want the cannabinoids to be fully combined within the drink; however, people have done this and it has resulted in quite the potent product. On the flip side, you can choose to add a few drops of CBD oil directly into your drink of choice and enjoy the benefits of your CBD that way. When doing this, the oil won’t mix perfectly, but it will help to disguise any taste or texture that you wish.

This idea has become quite popular because of the ease it brings. Combined or not, CBD and beverages create a delicious way to enjoy any sized dose of CBD you please. When this idea started gaining traction, many started to wonder if they could make CBD alcohol and what kind of effects this would have. 

Mixing CBD and Alcohol

The consensus is that combining some CBD with a few alcoholic beverages is generally considered safe and that many find value in doing so. While we cannot draw any concrete conclusions, it has become clear through various studies that mixing CBD and alcohol is a relatively harmless option that can promote various therapeutic values depending on the person. Whether you’ve had your dose of CBD already and are hoping to drink, or you’re adding CBD directly into your drink, it appears that both of these routes can help support a better, more balanced alcoholic experience, as long as too much CBD nor too much alcohol is consumed. If you have never consumed CBD with alcohol before, you should always begin with a relatively low dose and move up from there. That way you can see how your body reacts to the mixture. If you find you need more, you can always add a few more drops next time you start drinking.

CBD Oil and Alcohol

When mixing CBD oil and alcohol, you’re able to get your daily dose of CBD alongside a nice buzz. Though you cannot buy CBD-infused cocktails or CBD alcohol at your local dispensary (just yet, anyway), many people turn to make them themselves. Typically, CBD oils come with an herbaceous, earthy flavor alongside them, making them great additions to cocktails like martinis, old-world wines, and even certain hoppy beers. All you need to do is place a few drops of your chosen oil into your cocktail and let it mix. Then, as you’re drinking, you’ll get subtle doses of CBD with every sip.

Many CBD brands also make flavored oils depending on your personal preference. You can find citrus-flavored options, mint-flavored, chocolate, vanillaany flavor you can think of. This makes it wonderful for adding to specific cocktails with similar flavor profiles. Not only does this enhance the taste of your drink, but you get the supportive benefits alongside it, too. When adding CBD oil directly to your cocktail, you’ll get the best results if it is evenly mixed within, typically with a shaker. This allows the CBD to distribute welleven if just for a short time. 

Why Mix CBD and Alcohol?

So, why do people choose to mix CBD and alcohol? Combining CBD with alcohol allows for one to experience effects like a calmed mind, muscle relaxation, and even reducing blood alcohol concentrations. CBD’s properties have been known to protect against cell damage, helping to reduce damage caused by alcohol drinking. Some consumers have found that CBD appears to lessen the side effects of alcohol, though nothing conclusive can be drawn just yet.

In general, this method is going to take the longest for results to take effect, as the cannabinoids must first travel through the digestive system to then get to the bloodstream. However, many people enjoy adding CBD to their alcohol because the effects last longer and blend wonderfully with the effects of alcohol. Just as alcohol’s effects are going to be slightly different for every person, so are CBD’s; for some, this buzzy combo creates a more relaxing, comfortable drink experience. For others, this mixture is wonderful for reducing pain, getting your mind off things, and really helping you enjoy the night. Regardless, the mixture of CBD and alcohol has been incredibly beneficial for so many, making it quite an up-and-coming recipe. 

Adding CBD to Your Alcohol

Soon, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to stop by your favorite bar and get a cocktail infused with some CBD oil. But, until CBD alcohol is on the menu, adding this cannabinoid into your homemade alcoholic beverages is easy as can be. Companies like Every Day Optimal CBD offer high-quality CBD oils that come with a light peppermint flavor, great for adding a nice dose of herbal flavors to your cocktails. With doses that go as high as 10,000 mg., EDOCBD offers an incredible option for a strong therapeutic beverage.

All in all, adding CBD to your alcohol is an idea that’s still relatively new, but it’s one that many people are discovering advantages from. With a bit more research and even more experimentation, the relationship between CBD and alcohol will continue to flourish, and, hopefully, even more people will find the benefits that this unique combination can bring.


Are CBD and alcohol safe to consume?

Drinking CBD and alcohol at the same time is safe in small amounts. CBD is actually added to various cocktails. There are various CBD Oil benefits that you might not be aware of.

Can CBD and alcohol simultaneously reduce hangover symptoms?

Research shows that CBD helps repair damaged cells in the body. But there is no evidence that taking CBD and alcohol can reduce hangover symptoms.

Are CBD and alcohol consumption legal?

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited to persons under the age of majority. The use of CBD is also limited by the laws of some states. Find out if CBD is legal in your state.

What are the consequences of taking CBD and alcohol?

Taking CBD and alcohol does not guarantee you any side effects. The consequences of drinking and drinking are very individual for each person. If you are afraid of the consequences, it is better not to experiment.

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