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November Giveaway Winner Announcement! | EDO CBD

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November Giveaway Winner Announcement! | EDO CBD
November Giveaway Winner Announcement! | EDO CBD

Dr. Jack Isler

As a Physician/ Researcher, I have cared for many patients, including the elderly and aging. These patients can have long histories of chronic pain, arthritis, and neuropathy affecting their lives every day. I personally have taken CBD oil for many years to aid in relieving my chronic pain. I started recommending hemp-based CBD to patients who had adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Many of the patients were able to either eliminate the prescription drugs or reduce the dose, which reduced the side- effects. The results are amazing to see! I highly recommend anyone suffering from chronic pain issues to give Every Day Optimal CBD a try.

November Giveaway Winner Announcement! | EDO CBD

Dr. Tara Michelle

Since 1946 more than 23,000 peer-reviewed scientific and clinical studies have been conducted on Industrial Hemp Botanical CBDs. The result of this extensive research shows that botanical (plant-based) CBDs are inherently safe and may, in fact, have significant health benefits for both humans and other mammals including dogs and horses.

Both ‘neuroprotective’ (protects the nervous system) and anti-inflammatory compounds have been found in CBDs. These compounds help regulate numerous systems in the body including the brain and the nervous system.

Clinical and anecdotal research shows that consistent use of CBDs is immensely helpful to those with nervous system imbalances. CBD’s may benefit those with headaches, impaired sleep patterns, seizures, acute or chronic anxiety and/or depression, or a variety of other nervous system imbalances.

CBDs have also demonstrated their effectiveness in addressing inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and the associated (sometimes severe) pain that often accompanies inflammation.

I believe that regular supplementation of highly nutritious CBDs will have significant long-term positive health benefits, including the potential to help mitigate the negative impacts of a wide variety of disease states.

November Giveaway Winner Announcement! | EDO CBD

Carrie Anton

Using Every Day Optimal CBD I was able to eliminate four of the prescriptions I was taking. No more high blood pressure, anxiety, pain and cholesterol medications for me. I feel better at 50 than I did at 30. I’ve lost weight, my skin is clearer and my hair is thicker and no longer falls out by the handful. My coworkers and friends comment on how healthy I look. I’m happy to reply that I feel as good as I look!

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