Should You Use CBD For Psoriasis and Eczema?

cbd cream

 Right now, you may be experiencing an overload of information surrounding CBD. As this cannabinoid continues to garner national attention and fill the shelves of every health and wellness store near you, you’ve probably been left with a few questions. Specifically, today, we’re talking about the newfound popularity behind using CBD topicals and oils for […]

CBD and Alcohol: Can You Mix?

CBD and alcohol

Nowadays, people are infusing CBD into practically everything. From lotions to gummy bears to beverages, you can find doses of CBD in so many everyday products, all with the hopes of delivering the cannabinoid’s therapeutic value. This new wave of CBD popularity has started having people wondering about the relationship between CBD and alcohol, and […]

Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test? How Not To Break The Law

CBD and Drug Tests

In this day and age, CBD oil is practically everywhere. Infused within your lotions, lip balm, oils, and edibles, CBD is an incredibly popular substance – and it’s only gaining traction. With more popularity comes more questions about this interesting, non-psychoactive cannabinoid. One of the most popular questions being “Will CBD oil show up on […]

The Best CBD for Golfers, and How to Take it

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Whether it’s Phil Mickelson spotted chewing the gum, or Scott McCarron taking capsules to improve his sleep, CBD is a topic that is not unfamiliar to professional golfers, as its reported benefits appear to align well with the ailments that can come from this demanding sport. Due to stigma and misinformation regarding this special chemical […]

Everything you need to know about buying CBD oil in West Virginia

CBD Oil in West Virginia

There has been dramatic growth in the West Virginia hemp industry over the past couple years, but where does that leave CBD? We’ll discuss the CBD laws and regulations West Virginia residents need to know. Overview of CBD Laws in West Virginia Here is a quick overview of the most relevant and recent CBD and […]

Everything you need to know about buying CBD oil in Wyoming

CBD Oil in Wyoming

Is CBD oil legal in Wyoming? How about other hemp-derived CBD products? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about buying and possessing hemp-derived CBD products in Wyoming. Overview of CBD Laws in Wyoming These are some of the most recent and relevant laws that affect consumers of CBD in Wyoming:  2014: President […]

Want to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin? Here is What You’ll Need to Know

CBD Oil in Wisconsin

With CBD booming in popularity, people around the US are wondering what the CBD laws are in their state. Residents of Wisconsin should continue reading to find out more about the hemp and CBD laws and regulations that have been enacted in the state. We answer the question “Is CBD oil legal in Wisconsin?”. Overview […]

CBD in Vermont: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil in Vermont

As you may be aware, Vermont has historically had one of the friendliest views towards both marijuana and hemp in the US. If you’re interested in buying CBD in Vermont, read on to learn everything you need to know about CBD laws in the Green Mountain State. Overview of CBD Laws in Vermont These are […]