Should You Add CBD To Your Workout Routine?

Should You Add CBD To Your Workout Routine? | EDO CBD

With the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) becoming so well-known, it’s only natural to wonder if the hemp extract can be beneficial as part of a regular exercise routine. After all, recovery is an essential part of any workout; it’s when your muscles can repair themselves (and grow). It’s also, for many of us, when pain and soreness kick in – making it a great time to use CBD.

But CBD’s exercise-related benefits go beyond pain relief. From Popsugar:

If you need to create a sense of calm and eliminate stress so you can focus on a workout, CBD supplements may help you before you head to the gym or studio. Though yoga on its own can be calming for me, sometimes it’s a little harder to leave the stress and anxiety off the mat (the same goes for classes like barre, Pilates, and megaformer) — but that’s where CBD can come in. It’s been studied (and proven) to have antianxiety properties. That said, I don’t just take it before more low-key classes — it works for HIIT, too! I’ve had positive (or even neutral) experiences when taking CBD before a more intense class like Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory.

And while CBD is typically pretty calming, Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD, FAAPMR and practitioner at SageMD, said “CBD can have a stimulating effect.” It will depend on your body and your body’s reaction to CBD, but you may find CBD helpful to get both focused and energized before your favorite exercise class or gym session.

For those deterred more by chronic pain than anxiety, CBD can help you get healthier too:

If pain or inflammation is keeping you from working out, cannabis may be a lifesaver, like it was for Jason Genet, a disabled vet who lost 150 pounds thanks to the help of CBD (and a new diet). “CBD is the only thing I can take,” he told POPSUGAR. “It allowed me to get moving.”

What about using CBD for workout recovery? Though there isn’t any research (yet) regarding CBD’s role in post-gym healing, plenty of studies support CBD’s ability to relieve pain and muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep. Those are all important factors for muscle repair, which makes CBD a promising supplement to add to your fitness routine.

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