The Unexpected New Way CBD Is Helping People Relax

The Unexpected New Way CBD Is Helping People Relax | EDO CBD

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, has become the beauty industry’s newest darling, appearing in dozens of beauty products over the past year. Boasting strong anti-inflammatory properties and rich in essential fatty acids, the hemp-extracted ingredient has proven itself to be more than just a fad. An effective moisturizer for skin and hair, CBD oil has also been praised for its ability to combat eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

CBD Facials For RelaxationWith all this in mind – and considering that CBD is becoming well-known for its psychologically soothing effects – we can’t say we’re surprised at the latest addition to the beauty market: CBD facials.


The service at the spa I visited is simple. It starts out with a gentle green tea cleanse, which is followed up by a cannabis sativa hemp-derived CBD oil massage. Then, a manuka honey mask—which is mixed with essential oils, herbs, and crushed pearls—is applied for about 15 minutes. If you try the facial, this is the exact point where you’ll probably start to doze off, while Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, and Lauryn Hill soundtrack your sleep. Once the mask is removed, the service ends with a hemp-derived CBD facial serum. Each product is curated for each customer, Tracey tells me, but cannabis oil will be present regardless of your skin woes.

One thing to note for facial snobs, there’s no extracting or steaming involved. It’s a very granola service, which, when you think about the main ingredient, is very fitting. I left Harlem with a one-hour commute ahead of me, (on a Monday!) and zero anxiety about it. My skin was plump and smooth, and I went to sleep with the faint smell of my teenage days lingering on my skin.

Is it necessary to get a spa facial to have a similar experience? Could you just buy cannabis-oil products and apply them yourself? Perhaps, but what’s a facial for if not to treat yourself to something you probably don’t need, but definitely want?

So far, CBD spa treatments have been spotted in Colorado, New York, and California, and even CBD oil massage services are becoming popular. As beauty brands continue to explore the effects of CBD, we expect to see similar offerings crop up all over the country.

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