Lab-tested CBD Oil results for all Products


At Every Day Optimal CBD we take product quality seriously. We take massive strides to ensure that all our products are manufactured with the highest of standards. Our proprietary processes ensure that our products are produced consistently across all batches and contain the proper amount of CBD per dose, always.

Variance Guidelines

We know our customers are committed to seeking out the best in their daily routine; with this in mind, it’s part of our mission to seek, source and deliver the highest quality products to live optimally. As hard as we strive, there are parts of the manufacturing process that can cause variances in products from time to time; because this factor is a possibility, we put in place our Variance Guidelines. So if it happens, in the case you may find a product has more or less of an ingredient, you have a reference as to why this may have occurred.

Variance Guidelines – Important Emphasis

These Variance Guidelines are by no means a definition or interpretation of our quality standards, we aim to provide the highest quality and potency for our customers. These guidelines were defined to increase transparency to the fact that in the manufacturing process, especially in high volume production, there might be, from time-to-time, variances in the amount of an ingredient(s). If you (as our customer) ever find the product to be not satisfactory, we completely and fully stand by our Refund & Replacement Guarantee. We want to do whatever is in our power, to exceed your satisfaction in order to live every day optimal.