The Top 4 Benefits of Vaping CBD

The Top 4 Benefits of Vaping CBD | EDO CBD

If you’re new to the world of cannabidiol (CBD), you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the huge variety of available products. There’s dozens of ways to use this hemp-derived extract, including edibles, tinctures, and topical creams. You’re almost guaranteed to find something suitable for your lifestyle – but you could also wind up indecisive about what CBD product is best for you.

One of the most well-known ways to consume CBD is vaping. This method was originally used among cigarette smokers looking for a healthier way to consume tobacco, but it’s since become incredibly popular among CBD users. Vaping (short for vaporization) introduces cannabidiol into your body via inhalation, similar to smoking. However, vaping involves much lower and safer temperatures, resulting in vapor instead of smoke.

Aside from being safer for your lungs than smoking, vaping is also more appealing than some other CBD options for several reasons. Here are four of the biggest benefits of vaping CBD.

1. Vaping CBD Can Help You Quit Cigarettes

For those struggling with a nicotine addiction, there are a few reasons to try vaping CBD. The first is that, unlike tobacco, CBD is non-addictive. It’s odorless, so you won’t have to worry about lingering smells on your clothes or in your car. And the action of vaping resembles smoking enough to satisfy the urge to smoke a cigarette, so you won’t have to stop taking smoke breaks at work.

But cannabidiol’s power to help curb addiction goes beyond breaking a psychological habit. A study conducted in 2013 compared the effectiveness of CBD vaping against a placebo inhaler for reducing cigarette use. The researchers found that while the placebo group didn’t change, the CBD group smoked 40% less cigarettes over the course of the study[1].

2. Vaping CBD is Quick and Efficient

One of the unique benefits of vaping CBD is how quickly it enters the bloodstream (also known as its bioavailability). The speedy delivery of vaping is particularly appealing for those who use CBD for pain relief, anxiety, or relaxation. Fast-acting relief is important for relieving nausea, curbing migraines, and anxiety attacks resulting from panic disorder or PTSD.

While the health benefits of vaping CBD don’t depend upon the way it’s ingested, preliminary research into cannabinoids suggests that vaping allows your body to absorb more CBD than some other methods, such as edibles[2]. With edibles and capsules, CBD must pass through the digestive system and liver, which can take a long time and reduces how much is absorbed. Vaping, on the other hand, is nearly instant, since it skips these physiological processes.
vaping cbd benefits

3. Vaping CBD is Convenient

Potentially the most obvious benefits of vaping CBD, the discrete size of a vaping pen makes it incredibly portable and convenient. If you’re seeking an alternative to cumbersome snacks or rattling pill bottles, vaping may be the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s for use on your daily commute or during a road trip, a vape pen can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

4. Vaping CBD is Great for Beginners

Vaping is an excellent choice for those who are new to CBD and unsure as to what dosage to start with. Though CBD is often known to be stimulating, it can cause sleepiness at higher doses. You may need to experiment a bit to determine what amount is appropriate for you, and vaping allows more control over dosage than many other forms of CBD.

Since the absorption rate of edibles can vary so much, it can be hard to know how much CBD you’re really getting, which isn’t a problem with vaping. It allows you to not only administer a consistent dosage throughout the day, but also to make precise adjustments.

What’s the Best CBD Product for Vaping?

If you’ve looked at the CBD market lately, you’ve probably noticed many names for similar-looking products; for example, there’s tinctures, oils, liquids, and juices. This may leave you wondering what the difference is between all these options, and which ones are appropriate for vaping.

All are hemp-extracted, concentrated forms of CBD. But if you’re looking for the best product for vaping, you’ll want to buy CBD E-juice or liquid, since it’s designed for that specific purpose. The terms CBD E-liquid and juice are generally used interchangeably. CBD E-liquid or juice contains CBD along with vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol, which makes the vaping process more effective.

On the other hand, tinctures and oil drops are typically meant to be used sublingually or added to food or drinks. Tinctures are made by mixing a base oil, such as coconut oil, with CBD, along with pleasant flavorings like mint or citrus. They can be used for vaping, but for best results, you’re better off using CBD E-liquid.

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Is CBD vaping safe for asthma?

Vaping CBD is likely to worsen asthma symptoms. You can use other CBD products to reduce asthma symptoms.

Is CBD vape safe for the lungs?

In fact, the FDA does not maintain a list of chemicals that are safe to inhale. There has been no reported deterioration in breathing in people who vape CBD without overusing it.

Is CBD vaping legal?

“Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level, but are still illegal under some state laws. Check your state’s laws.”

Does CBD Vaping Benefit Depend on quality CBD Oil?

The benefits of CBD vaping are directly related to the quality of the CBD liquid you inhale. Like any low-quality product, a non-CBD certified vaping fluid can harm your body.

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