CBD and Pregnancy: Is It Safe for You and Your Baby?

CBD and Pregnancy: Is It Safe for You and Your Baby? | EDO CBD

Nowadays, many people are infusing CBD into their daily lives, having a dose of cannabidiol every day for myriad benefits. But, as a substance that works best when consumed consistently, many people are beginning to wonder about how CBD use and pregnancy are related. Is this something you have to stop before giving birth, or is this a healthy combination? 

If you’re curious about CBD consumption and pregnancy, you’re definitely not the only one. To help give you the best insight possible into this unique relationship, we’re talking all about what we currently know in regards to CBD, pregnancy, and safety. 

All About CBD and Pregnancy

First, it is incredibly important to note that, currently, researchers just don’t know much about CBD oil and pregnancy. Right now, a lot of the research we have are either studies that have been performed on animals or studies testing the effects of cannabis as a whole on pregnancy, not just cannabidiol. When it comes to consuming cannabis while pregnant, most doctors will urge against it purely because of the THC content: we aren’t sure how THC would affect a fetus. But, because CBD isn’t psychoactive, many are curious as to the potential behind consuming it while pregnant. 

Of course, there are many different types of CBD and many different ways of consuming it. However, most women are curious about the relationship between CBD oil and pregnancy, not necessarily CBD topicals or flower (as that is a whole ‘nother story). As such a popular product in the health and wellness sphere, CBD gum, edibles and CBD oils are utilized for their various benefits. So, what about pregnancy? Can it help, or do we just not know enough?

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CBD Oil and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

As it stands, we cannot definitively say that CBD oil and pregnancy is a safe combination. While many, many women have found solace in using CBD while pregnant, and have not seen any negative repercussions, science isn’t ready to draw any conclusions just yet. A lot of this hesitation comes from the side effects that we’ve seen cannabis have on pregnancy.

For women who smoked weed during their pregnancies, some studies have found that the THC led to birth malformations and defects. According to researchers, these effects are similar to the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, leading many to be wary about consuming any cannabinoids while pregnant. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that these effects are likely coming from the consumption of psychoactive cannabinoids, as psychoactivity such as this can be quite damaging to the youth. With CBD softgels not containing psychoactive properties, though, these results very well may be different. 

Because of the lack of evidence and juxtaposing research about THC, it’s tough to say whether or not consuming CBD use and pregnancy are safe. Currently, the FDA warns about such consumption, so we have to agree. But, it’s important to also talk about the benefits that many women have found through their CBD consumption and raising their children. 

Why Consume CBD While Pregnant?

Despite the uncertainty, lots of women do decide to consume CBD during their pregnancies. But, why? For many, CBD while pregnant can bring a dose of stability that’s nearly impossible to achieve otherwise. During a time where practically everything internal is being thrown out of whack, CBD’s whole job is to provide a bit of balance. This can be a Godsend for those struggling with hormone imbalances and serious mood swings. 

A lot of expecting mothers have also found CBD to be a wonderful preventative for morning sickness. In general, CBD works wonderfully with the body’s digestive system, either stimulating appetite or reducing nausea when needed. Thus, small doses have been found to calm stomach upset in pregnant women, reducing the severity of morning sickness and making it easier to manage. This can also be integral in helping to reduce daily pain and discomfort that is often followed by pregnancy. As a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, managing aches and pains during this period may be easier with a few drops of the best CBD oil.

On top of all of this, generalized anxiety and stress brought upon by pregnancy can be lowered through CBD consumption, as some women have reported. Managing anxieties and stressors are one of the biggest problems that pregnant women face, because, as we mentioned, so many hormones are being over or unproduced, and the body just simply isn’t used to it. By reducing some of this anxiety, and helping to feel a bit more balanced, pregnant women may have an overall more pleasant time carrying their child. But, again, none of this has been backed up with enough scientific evidence. 

In general, women who do choose to consume CBD while pregnant must be careful to discuss it with their doctors first, getting an expert opinion before making decisions. Talking with your doctor can help you understand any potential risks and uncertainties surrounding CBD and pregnancy. 

CBD Use and Pregnancy: What’s Left to Know

As you can tell, there’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD and pregnancy. As more and more research is conducted, and more evidence comes to light, we can expect medical professionals to become a bit more concrete on their stance towards CBD use and pregnancy. But, until then, pregnant women must be patient and continue consulting with their primary care physicians to decide what’s best. If CBD seems to be the right choice, so be it.

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Is CBD oil and pregnancy compatible?

While some women claim to have positive interactions between CBD and pregnancy, the FDA is pushing that pregnant women not consume CBD products during pregnancy!

Is CBD Oil safe when trying to get pregnant?

There are currently no published statistics showing that CBD helps with conception. Some research suggests that CBD foods containing THC can interfere with ovulation and even cause miscarriages.

Can CBD help with nausea pregnancy?

CBD can actually reduce the gag reflex. Unfortunately, there is no public information about the safety of CBD consumption and pregnancy!

Can I use CBD oil while breastfeeding?

A new FDA warning says CBD and THC foods should not be used by women who are breastfeeding!