CBD Tinctures Effects on Sleep: Everything You Should Know About Taking Cannabidiol for Sleep

CBD Tinctures Effects on Sleep: Everything You Should Know About Taking Cannabidiol for Sleep | EDO CBD

Wondering if CBD Hemp Oil can help with sleep? Find out why sleep experts are calling this new supplement the answer for all-natural rest and relief. In this article youll learn about the health benefits of CBD tinctures, their effects on sleep, and how to find the right dosage for you.

How can hemp extract improve your poor sleep and overall wellness? Interested in trying CBD but not sure where to start? Tinctures are a great way to start taking CBD for beginners.

Today we answer all your questions about how CBD tinctures could help with restful sleep, how CBD oil for sleep much you should take, and what you should consider before buying a CBD tincture.

Can CBD Tinctures Help With Sleep Problems?

Thousands of people using it say yes! Millions suffer from sleeplessness every night, like insomnia and other sleep disorders, but sleep experts think this new natural sleep aids supplement may be able to help.

Stress and anxiety over money or relationships seem to be among the biggest reasons why we can’t fall asleep. For many though, its uncomfortable chronic pains, aches, restlessness, and other health conditions that keep us awake when we should be resting.

Not sleeping enough or not getting enough quality sleep-time inevitably leads to not feeling well, getting sick, or worsening chronic health problems.

Keep reading to learn how CBD hemp extract tinctures and CBD oil for sleep could help you falling asleep, stay asleep, and improve your rest and wellness.

What Is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, comes from the mature flowers of hemp plants, also known as cannabis. Resinous oils containing the therapeutic compound are extracted from hemp flowers and purified to create CBD hemp extract.

Raw CBD hemp extract is used to create consumer products such as:

  • CBD hemp oil
  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD vape oils
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD edibles
  • And others

Endo System

Why is CBD so popular?

CBD tinctures and CBD hemp oil have health experts raving about how an all-natural compound can have such a profound impact on health in so many ways. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t get you high. For the vast majority of people, there are no side effects, and studies show that even in high dosages, CBD is safe to take.

CBD oil supplements exploded onto the world stage when parents giving it to their children began reporting it was able to reduce the severity if a laundry list of issues. Once the mainstream news picked up on CBD it was only a matter of time before the whole world began to reexamine hemp.

Now, experts are studying hemp CBD to learn more about its potential health benefits. As to be expected, a growing number of countries around the world are approving the use of CBD as a daily supplement and prescription medicine, including the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.

Next, we’ll go over what the benefits of CBD are and how it could improve not only the sleep quality but also the quality of your life.

Benefits Of Using CBD Tinctures

Numerous clinical trials in humans and animals have revealed CBD to have incredible anti-inflammatory pain-fighting properties. This effect alone could be the key to getting better rest, and with improvement in sleep comes improvement in health.

Tinctures for pain and relaxation are the most common uses of CBD, but scientists think that compounds in hemp extract could also have therapeutic value in a number of other health conditions.

Studies indicate that CBD may:

  • Relieve pain & inflammation
  • Reduce stress & anxiety symptoms
  • Calm nervous system tension
  • Relax muscle aches & pain
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Calm & relax mood
  • Kill some types of cancers & prevent metastasizing
  • Potentially protect heart & brain in case of a stroke or heart attack

When it comes to getting a better night sleep CBD might be able to help. If you’re like most of us, stress, anxiety, and worry can keep you awake at night, every night.

Then next thing you know you’re in a vicious cycle of feeling unrested and stressed. Break the cycle with CBD and get the well-deserved rest you’ve been looking for.

Studies on CBD oil for sleep suggest that its pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties may be two of the key components to its beneficial effects on sleep onset and quality.

You can check out a few scientific studies on CBD oil for sleep health linked below:

Research Reveals CBD Has No Negative Impact on Sleep-Wake Cycle 2018
Medical News Today: CBD Effective in Sleep Apnea
Project CBD: Studies on CBD and Insomnia/Sleep Disorders

In the next section, we’ll give you a brief introduction to the mechanism behind CBD’s powerful properties and how molecules from the hemp plant called cannabinoids could lead to breakthrough medicines in chronic disease.

Cannabinoids & The Endocannabinoid System

How does CBD work? It targets what’s known as the Endocannabinoid System. When activated by compounds such as cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system can alter and mediate the functioning of other vital health systems.

CBD and Endocannabinoid System
photo by https://medicinalessentials.com/

Researchers and biologists think that the endocannabinoid system may be the master homeostasis system for our overall health and wellness. It’s special receptors called, cannabinoid receptors, are concentrated in the brain, gut, and throughout the entire nervous system and body.

Although we still have a lot to learn about how the endocannabinoid works, early studies show that targeting it with CBD may have profound therapeutic value in the future of medicine. Just a few of the activities moderated by functions of the endocannabinoid system include:

  • Cardiovascular activity like circulation, blood pressure, and heart health
  • Appetite & fat metabolism
  • Sleep regulation
  • Inflammatory response
  • Pain perception & response
  • Immunological system functions like inflammation and healing
  • Functions of the nerves and muscles
  • Digestion
  • Stress response
  • Emotional response
  • Cognitive functioning
  • And more

Are CBD Tinctures Safe for Dogs?

Just like in humans, animals, dogs, and other pets have an endocannabinoid system. Research and reports show that CBD tinctures are safe for dogs, cats, other pets to have for many of the same conditions and symptoms that afflict humans.

It’s typically suggested to start a dosage of CBD for pets at around .5mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight, which is half of what’s suggested for humans to start with. Dogs have more CB1 cannabinoid receptors in their brain, which makes them extremely sensitive to THC. Make sure to only give your pet or dog CBD tinctures or oils made from CBD isolate to avoid intoxicating your pet with THC.

What Is A CBD Tincture?

Taking a CBD tincture is similar to taking flower essences or essential oils. Tinctures are blends of beneficial plant extracts, usually within an alcohol or oil base. They’re designed to be highly concentrated so they can be taken in small dosages, usually by using a dropper.

You can expect the effects of CBD tinctures to onset anywhere between 15 minutes to half an hour. Want to take CBD for sleep? Try taking it after dinner or in the evenings with water for optimal relaxation around bedtime.

CBD tinctures can be an effective alternative to vaporizing or ingesting CBD oils and CBD gummies and provide a method of administration that quickly absorbs into the bloodstream for quick relief. Vaporizers come with aromatic vapor that fills the room, and the effects of CBD gummies and edibles may take longer to act than you like. Considering trying CBD tinctures instead.

Tinctures are highly concentrated and come in a variety of potencies. Using a dropper, you can easily increase or decrease the dosage according to your needs. With vaporizers or edibles, you have to continue vaping and eating more concentrates.

If you’re not sure about the amount of CBD or serving size that’s right for you then read the next section before buying any CBD products.

How To Use CBD Oil For Sleep

CBD oil for sleep can be taken in drops under the tongue and can also be ingested safely, or infused into food and beverages. Most people find sufficient results with just a few drops in the morning or at night as sleep aid.

How do you use a CBD oil tincture for sleep?

What’s keeping you awake? Is it chronic pain, anxiety, restlessness? If you have severe pain keeping you awake you may require higher doses of CBD. If it’s simple nervous tension or stress about an upcoming event, you may only need smaller dosages.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to how much CBD you should take for what types of conditions. Scientists are still working hard to pinpoint exact dosages and effects of CBD in certain disorders.

Pure CBD oil for sleep or other CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases, disorders, or chronic health conditions. That being said, the FDA has evaluated CBD as a therapeutic substance in the treatment of childhood seizures.

Many find the best results of taking CBD oil for sleep come by using it as a daily supplement. You can safely take the dosages you need depending on the amount of relief your seeking once you understand how to properly dose cannabidiol.

In the next section, we’ll help you understand what the right dosage of CBD tincture might be to help you fall asleep and stay asleep until the morning.

Whats The Best Dose of CBD for Sleep?

Tinctures are typically sold in 1 to 2-ounce bottles also labeled in milliliters. You can find the potency or concentration of CBD displayed on the label. As an example, you can see this 4000mg CBD oil tincture is a high-potency oil tincture available in a 1-ounce bottle.

CBD tinctures usually range in potency levels from around 300 mg per 1 ounce bottle up to 10,000 mg. The higher the potency the more concentrated CBD per serving you’ll receive.

Remember though that tinctures are measured in milliliters while CBD oil for sleep doses are usually measured in milligrams. It’s generally recommended to start taking CBD in low dosages to first gauge how your body will respond. This helps dial-in the appropriate dosage for you without having to waste costly CBD.

How To Find The Right Dose of CBD for Sleep

Typically, a safe dosage of CBD, to begin with, is .5mg to 1 mg. of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. So for example, a 150 lb person would start around 15 mg. per day, divided into two servings for one week.

After observing the effect CBD has on your sleep and symptoms for one week, you can safely double the dosage and continue treatment for another week. If after two weeks of CBD oil for sleep you still don’t feel adequate relief, you can continue to double the dosage one week at a time until you feel optimum relief.

In our example of a 150-pound person, they would be taking about 60 mg of CBD per day in the third week after beginning from a low dosage. This person would need about 1800 mg. of CBD per month, but depending on his symptom’s response he may be able to reduce the dosage after a couple of weeks.

One dropper full of CBD tincture is usually about 1 ml. In the example of our 1 oz. 4,000mg CBD oil tincture, the potency is about 66.5 mg. per .5 ml. For the person in our example taking 60 mg. per day, this CBD tincture would be enough for two servings twice a day for a month.

Each person responds differently to CBD according to potency, dosage, genetics, and other environmental factors. Always consult a medical professional for serious health problems. Remember to test your dosage with your response to gauge how much CBD oil for sleep you should be taking to find relief.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum

Products that contain CBD isolate are made using pure CBD raw extract that has been purified to contain absolutely zero THC content. Full-spectrum CBD contains a complete array of whole-plant compounds including both CBD and THC.

THC has been shown to help you fall asleep faster, but in the long-term, it can reduce the amount of time you spend in REM sleep. REM sleep is vitally important to experience a good quality of sleep and feel well rested.

THC is another cannabinoid found in cannabis that can help with relaxation and pain, however, it’s not legal on the federal level. Furthermore, THC can cause you to feel foggy or slow in the mornings.

If you’re concerned about drug tests at work or psychoactive effects from THC then CBD isolate is your best bet for all-natural pain relief with hemp oil.

How You Can Find A Quality CBD Brand

There are more and more CBD brands launching each day, but not all of them are focused on quality or even understand the most important parts of cultivating, processing, and extracting CBD from hemp.

You can spot the best CBD brands by a few key markers. First, they use non-GMO hemp from certified CBD hemp farmers grown in the U.S.A. Second; they use only CO2 extraction methods, the cleanest and safest form of extraction, to remove the beneficial compounds from hemp.

The third key factor to identifying a quality CBD brand, and perhaps most important, is the 3rd party lab testing or chemical analysis. This is the test that proves how concentrated a CBD extract or CBD product really is.

Ask your brand of CBD for lab results or a certificate of analysis. If they aren’t willing to provide one then it’s a key sign that you should reconsider your CBD source.

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Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in all 50 states. The FDA considers hemp oil with less than 0.3% THC to be food-based and therefore legal for sale as a nutritional supplement. This now federally legal substance can be found in healthy food stores all over the U.S.

Does CBD Show On A Drug Test?

No, CBD will not show on a drug test for THC use under normal circumstances. This is because the only form of CBD oil that contains enough THC to be detected is full-spectrum CBD extracts or tinctures with concentrations above 50 mg per ml. 

How To Use CBD Oil For Sleep?

CBD oil for sleep can be taken in a variety of forms to suit your needs. From capsules, edibles, and vape oils to concentrates and even topicals. Start by taking one teaspoon of the low-THC concentration oil under your tongue twice daily or as needed.

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