This NYC Shop Offers Unique CBD Coffee Options For Your Morning Routine

This NYC Shop Offers Unique CBD Coffee Options For Your Morning Routine | EDO CBD

The culinary world may be constantly evolving, but some things are tried and true classics. Take coffee, for example – over 60% of Americans enjoy the caffeinated beverage every single day. Whether it’s prepared at home, sipped in a local shop, or ordered on your daily commute, it’s clear that the tradition of coffee as a breakfast staple isn’t going anywhere.

Still, even the coffee industry isn’t immune to change. Take Caffeine Underground ( , for example – a New York art gallery, coffee shop, and community center all-in-one. Their menu doesn’t shy away from trends, featuring well-known options such as Kava tea, bulletproof coffee, and activated charcoal. But with its latest addition, the shop is venturing into more untested waters: CBD-infused coffee.

At first glance, this might seem an unlikely pairing. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis-extracted compound that’s becoming famous for all sorts of health benefits, like regulating sleep, reducing anxiety, and promoting relaxation. Coffee, meanwhile, is usually associated with the opposite effects, as it boosts energy to the point of even aggravating anxiety and sleeplessness.

But from Caffeine Underground’s perspective, this makes the combination even more appropriate. CBD can encourage just enough relaxation to counteract any caffeine-induced agitation, while improving your focus and concentration at the same time.

From Bon Appetit ( :

The coffee creation is the brainchild of chef Leighton Knowles, co-founder of the New York- and Ohio-based company, Flower Power Coffee Company. The beans are purchased from 70-year-old coffee purveyor D’Amico Coffee Roasters, a family-owned shop Brooklyn. Rather than dropping CBD oil into a drink, Flower Power’s formula is infused into ground beans before they’re brewed. Flower Power co-founder and Brooklyn pharmacist, Craig Leivent, says that the few other CBD-infused coffees on the market coat the whole bean with oil, which, he says, doesn’t provide a consistent measurement of CBD per cup. “When you drink our coffee,” says Leivent, who has a doctorate in pharmacology and an undergraduate degree in botany, “you get the alertness from the caffeine but without the jitters.”

If you’re concerned that the addition of CBD may affect the taste of your favorite morning beverage, you have nothing to fear. Flower Power’s coffee has been described as having “a rather complex and robust flavor” and “a smooth finish.” And it works exactly as you’d hope it would:

Hemp-derived CBD definitely had an effect on me. At Caffeine Underground, I ordered a CBD oat milk latte—smooth and delicious with no trace of CBD flavor—and toast made with CBD-infused jam. After two hours plugging away on my laptop with full concentration, I was still so completely blissed out, the walk back to the train in 30-degree weather felt like it took no time at all.

Caffeine Underground’s CBD-infused offerings are diverse and include classics like cappuccinos, americanos, lattes, and even CBD-infused jam for a breakfast treat. And if you aren’t a coffee fan, don’t worry – you can always add CBD oil to your own drinks at home. It’s a great addition to tea, smoothies, juice, or even plain water.

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