The Dynamic Duo: What Happens When CBD Meets Turmeric in Pain-Relief Creams

The Dynamic Duo: What Happens When CBD Meets Turmeric in Pain-Relief Creams | EDO CBD

In recent years, significant research has been conducted on the effectiveness of CBD as a natural remedy for inflammation, and CBD-infused creams and Turmeric CBD creams have become a popular option for some of these conditions characterized in the studies.

This is because when applied topically, CBD can be used to target a specific area, thus potentially offering the user direct application to affected areas. That being said, another anti-inflammatory supplement has started to gain mainstream popularity, and may enhance the soothing effects of CBD: turmeric.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant closely related to ginger, mainly harvested for the root and characterized by its deep, golden pigment. In addition to serving a popular flavor in Middle-Eastern and Southeastern Asian cuisine, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may make turmeric a possible treatment for arthritis symptoms, acne, and even cancer. 

The growing popularity of this plant has increased its production and sales as a wellness supplement, and research on its active ingredient, curcumin, is gaining an increasing amount of research. Moreover, turmeric has been demonstrated as a mild, gentle supplement, as studies indicate the need for an extremely high dosage of negative side effects to occur, and it is rich in vitamins and minerals which benefit overall health.

Though it’s more often found in the form of capsules, turmeric is gradually making an appearance in topical treatments, as Turmeric CBD creams. 

In addition to tinctures and skincare products, turmeric is becoming incorporated into pain-relief creams at an increasing rate, and as mentioned before, these creams sometimes combine the benefits of this vibrant herb with those of CBD. 

While topical pain relief products containing turmeric are still relatively new to the market, Turmeric CBD creams have become a fast-growing commodity as a treatment for local pain, ranging from chronic knee pain to muscle soreness.  

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical component found in the cannabis plant. While it does not produce the high associated with its relative, THC, it may have the ability to reduce inflammation, muscle aches and soreness, ease the nervous system, and reduce stress.

Since inflammation is a highly common pain-related symptom that extends into conditions like arthritis, muscle pain and injuries, CBD may have significant influence as an accessible form of help.

One study also demonstrates that when applied topically, curcumin in Turmeric CBD creams is especially useful for targeting local, specific areas. This function of turmeric is highly relevant for patients with arthritis, as flare-ups occur the most in the joints in the form of knee pain.

To learn more about how CBD cream can lessen pain, visit our blog here.

When Turmeric Meets CBD

CBD cream alone is already an excellent choice for many painful issues, but when turmeric is added to the mix, these abilities may become heightened.

Furthermore, CBD and turmeric combine well together along with a carrier oil because they are both highly lipophilic, meaning that they both combine with fat rather than water.

For instance, some studies indicate that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is better at preventing chronic pain, while CBD is effective at reducing the symptoms. When combined, you have Turmeric CBD creams, a powerful defense against recurring pain.

Meanwhile, the minerals found in turmeric, such as iron and phosphorous, help support skin, joint and muscle health, which benefits the body on a long-term basis.

Turmeric in Pain-Relief Creams

Every Day Optimal Turmeric CBD Cream

Pain creams containing turmeric are relatively scant in the wellness market yet, though new products are beginning to pop up, including Every Day Optimal’s CBD Relief Cream, which is enriched with beneficial herbs, such as copaiba, which promotes quicker healing and reduces pain, and arnica, a plant traditionally used for treating bruising and reducing soreness. Our turmeric-infused CBD cream combines these medicinal plants with MSM, which provides a soothing, cooling effect.                                                     

These ingredients help to form a pain-relieving treatment which also moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and works more quickly than capsules when it comes to delivering its positive effects.

Turmeric Cream for Pain Relief FAQ

What is the best CBD cream with turmeric for pain?

The best CBD cream with turmeric for pain is one that lists turmeric as one of the main ingredients. If your product contains CBD, make sure that it’s derived from organic hemp cultivated in America.

Do CBD and turmeric help back pain?

Research has indicated that turmeric can, indeed, reduce back pain. Athletes make extensive use of CBD and turmeric for pain. Сheck out our blog which explains the uses of broad-spectrum CBD as a treatment method.

How much turmeric do you need for pain?

When taken in capsule form, the Arthritis Society recommends 400-600 milligrams of turmeric three times a day. The use of CBD and turmeric enhances the anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain better. You can choose CBD for pain in our online store at

Are CBD and turmeric for pain legal in the US?

CBD is legal in almost all states of the US. Turmeric is not a prohibited food. Please check your state’s laws to avoid breaking the law when purchasing CBD products with turmeric.

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