The Complete Guide to CBD for Joint Pain Relief in Dogs

The Complete Guide to CBD for Joint Pain Relief in Dogs | EDO CBD

Are you looking for a natural way to relieve your dog’s joint pain? Look no further than cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, the hemp-derived substance with an impressive number of health benefits to offer.

That’s right, CBD isn’t just for people; it can work for pets, too. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about using CBD for your dog’s joint pain.

Identifying Joint Pain in Dogs

Joint pain in dogs can have many causes, including arthritis, old age, genetics, and obesity. As a result of joint pain, your dog may struggle to move. They may be reluctant to walk, climb stairs, or participate in her usual activities, and may even start to have accidents in the house. In some dogs, pain manifests as lethargy, irritability, and other changes in behavior.

Sometimes joint problems in dogs are visible in the form of swelling or a limp, but they’re not always easy to spot. And joint problems tend to develop slowly – which is why it’s essential that your dog has annual check-ups at the vet.

Treating Joint Pain in Dogs

Treatment for joint pain in dogs typically combines joint-strengthening supplements with pain-relieving medication, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Unfortunately, long-term use of these medications can lead to kidney and liver damage. As a result, many pet owners are turning to CBD as an alternative treatment option.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD improves pain and reduces inflammation by interacting with the endocannabinoid system: a network of receptors that regulates bodily processes such as mood, sleep, digestion and pain. This system can be found in dogs and humans alike – in fact, the endocannabinoid system exists in all mammals.

CBD for Joint Pain Relief in Dogs

Types of CBD Products for Dogs

It seems CBD is everywhere lately, from skin cream to coffee beans – at least when it comes to products for humans. Dogs have less variety to choose from, but we don’t think they’ll mind. CBD products for dogs tend to fall into two categories: CBD dog treats and other edibles, and CBD oil tinctures. Both options are excellent for relieving pain, but tinctures tend to be available in higher dosages. So if your dog’s dealing with tough pain, tinctures may be the most cost-effective solution.

Dosing Guidelines and Consumption

It’s easy to add CBD to your dog’s diet; simply add drops of CBD tincture to his food or water, or feed him CBD-infused treats. Dosing, on the other hand, requires a bit of trial and error. Start at a low dose, such as 0.25mg CBD per pound of weight, and increase if necessary every 2-3 days. A dog weighing 15 lbs, for example, may need 3.75mg of CBD given twice daily. Dogs with severe pain may need as much as 2mg per pound of body weight.

What to Expect

By consuming an effective dose of CBD, your dog will have improved mobility, and of course, less joint pain. As a result, he’ll be happier, more comfortable, and more able to enjoy life.

CBD for dogs usually takes 30-60 minutes to begin working. Don’t give your dog more CBD right away if his pain doesn’t seem to be any better; it may take a few days to notice a difference, which is why the dose should only be increased gradually.

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There aren’t many side effects to worry about. That said, CBD can cause drowsiness, dry mouth, or a temporary drop in blood pressure. It can also cause upset stomach if your dog takes too much at once, which is why it’s necessary to start at a low dose.

Since CBD for pets is still being researched, it’s currently unknown whether a toxic dose exists, but it is considered safe to use. If your dog exhibits potential signs of overdose such as vomiting and lethargy, seek an emergency vet immediately.

Where to Find CBD for Dogs

Choosing the best CBD product for dogs doesn’t have to be a headache, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Hemp naturally cleans the soil it’s grown in – meaning that it absorbs any herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals that are present. As a result, you’ll want to buy CBD products made only from organically-grown hemp.

Quality vendors are transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing processes, and they’ll use independent labs to verify their products’ purity and quality. On that note, make sure any CBD product you buy is clearly labelled with its CBD content and any other ingredients. Remember that THC is toxic to dogs, as are some other ingredients commonly found in CBD products (like xylitol), so only give your dog CBD that’s designed for pets.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re choosing CBD to help your dog’s hip dysplasia, age-related pain, or arthritis, CBD can be an incredibly powerful way to relieve joint pain for your dog so he can run through the dog park once again.

Wondering where to buy CBD for your dog? Check out Every Day Optimal’s new CBD Dog Biscuits or our beef-flavored CBD Oil for Pets. All our products are created from organically-grown hemp and tested by third party labs to ensure purity and quality. Our vet-approved products are also THC-free, made in the USA, and free of artificial flavors, colors, and other additives.

CBD for Joint Pain Relief in Dogs FAQ

Will CBD oil make my dog high?

No, CBD doesn’t cause any sort of high.

Can dogs overdose on CBD?

Currently there is no toxic dose established for CBD for dogs.

Can too much THC make my dog ill?

Yes, THC is toxic to dogs.

Is CBD oil safe for my dog?

CBD is safe for dogs as long as it doesn’t contain any THC or other ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

What are the potential side effects of CBD to your dog?

CBD can cause drowsiness, dry mouth, or a temporary drop in blood pressure.

How do you help a dog with joint pain?

Joint pain may be relieved by weight loss, anti-inflammatory foods, gentle exercise, NSAID medication, and supplements such as glucosamine. Many dog owners also find success with reducing their dog’s joint pain using CBD oil, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

How much CBD should I give my dog with joint pain?

Dosing CBD for dogs depends greatly on the dog’s size and the severity of the joint pain. Try starting at 0.5mg per pound of body weight given twice daily, and increase the dose by 0.25mg every 2-3 days until your dog’s pain is relieved.

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